Business Setup

Thinking of launching a business in the UAE?


It is not simply about getting any license. It is all about getting the RIGHT license for your current business set-up and your goals, including personal and professional.

The decision you make today about the type of business, its location, company legal form or bank to work with, will impact not only your future expenses, but also the ability to operate smoothly and in compliance with the applicable laws.

It is not simply about getting any license. It is all about getting the RIGHT license for your current business set-up and your goals, personal and professional.

A unique combination of our know-how and years of practical experience in helping large and SME businesses, as well as startups to establish their interests in UAE free zones, Mainland and Offshore.

We offer you complex set-up and business development solutions in UAE, based on the main principles of client interests’ protection, saving current and future costs and full legal and tax compliance.


UAE is one of the best countries in the world to start a company. The government is constantly improving legal, digital, and physical infrastructure to promote UAE as the most business-friendly jurisdiction internationally.

UAE offer any type of business license you can think of and provide you with an option to open almost any legal form of the company in mainland, offhore and free zones.

There are many operational details and location aspects to consider when deciding on the type of business setup. For example, depending on the nature of business you intend to do in UAE, you might require an additional approval from relevant authorities apart from the Licencing Body.

Our team is based in UAE and have developed a wide network that helps us to excel in our mission of assisting you to achieve your objectives in UAE and globally. This is how we protect you from one-sided advisory prevalent in the market and make sure you stay informed and earn your target returns on investment or business operations.


Compliance and Business Structuring Solutions

Does your business comply with the latest regulations?

In the past years the UAE government has introduced several new regulations related to businesses and foreign investments. Nowadays requirements change fast.

We are here to help you understand all the latest laws applicable to you and your businesses, for example, government requirements, like AML and ESR, which today are “a must” for almost everyone.

We will help you stay compliant not only today, but tomorrow and day after. We also will assist you in structuring your business so that you benefit from maximum tax and legal advantages in the UAE and across the globe based on what you plan to do in the future.


Banking Solutions

Do you need to open a bank account in the UAE?

To operate in the UAE seamlessly and ensure hassle-free business, a bank account is a must for any company or resident.

Opening a bank account for yourself or your business in the UAE can be a complex process. In certain cases, for example, if you are out of the country, have time constraints, or provide a limited information during this process, you can experience long delays, which, in turn, can affect your operations and even your personal plans.

We professionally consult you on the best choice of the bank for your needs and go through the full application and account opening process with you.

Our team works with banks and financial institutions not only for the Account Opening Service, but for Investment Management, Financing, and other Bank Products for over a decade. Thus, we are in a position to take care of your banking and investment needs in UAE and globally.

We specialize in providing full process support for individuals and companies in opening bank accounts, complying with regulations, and advising on transactions and investment management.


Tax residency in UAE


Getting a tax residency is something else than just becoming a UAE resident.

UAE have become a globally renown center for companies of various sizes, investors and families. Today UAE boasts many types of residency visas. But to become a resident for tax purposes in UAE requires competent advice.

Should you aim to become a UAE resident, we will make sure that we choose the best way of getting residency as well as visa type for you, will consult you on expenses and benefits, as well as will manage the visa process from A to Z.

Our over a decade experience in collaborating with government agencies will make sure that any issues are resolved quickly and smoothly.


Tax residency certificate


In order to become a non-resident for tax purposes in your home country, and if you are a UAE resident, you would need to provide a UAE tax residency certificate to your home country authorities.

In case you need to proof your tax residency in UAE, or if you want to benefit from treaties on avoidance of double-taxation, you also need to obtain a tax residency certificate.

We will manage the full process of obtaining such tax residency certificate from A to Z for you.


Approvals and permits

Does your business require sector-specific permits?

To run your business in the UAE in many business sectors, you need to obtain not only the license, but also all the applicable permits and approvals.Usually this requires a professional team that can assess these needs even before you apply for and pay for the license.

For example, if you plan to open a company trading in foodstuff, running a restaurant or want to start a consulting business in Dubai, you will require additional approvals, permits and clearances from different government bodies, or/ and registration in different government and semi-government departments. There is a number of additional approvals required for opening an investment fund, currency exchange, hotel or a sports club, just to name a few.

We offer our professional solutions to verify requirements and assist you in submitting all the necessary documents for obtaining permits for your business.