Investment Return assessment


Advertisements of brokers or agents can be very misleading, moreover promised returns often are not achieved. We know how important it is to have an independent view of these promises.

Our team of certified investment advisors and business valuers has helped businessmen and private individuals for over a decade now in planning their investments. We will scrutinise your planned investment, prepare independent and objective cash flow forecast, warn you on risks, and make scenario planning of your returns under various external circumstances. This will help you to verify how much return your investment will bring you.

We will also help you to decide on the optimal allocation and size of your investment that helps you to achieve the desired return within your planning horizon.


Choice of best investment option


The options on the market are many and to compare them professionally and independently of emotions can be a large challenge. Our decades’ of experience evidence that only a professional advisor, who has studied your desired objectives, plans and risk awareness, can help you understand how much to invest where.

Our team of professional investment advisors is fully independent. This ensures that we can provide you with an objective opinion and advice of the investment option choice and portfolio allocation.

We will make a detailed analysis of every investment option you consider, including estimates of cash flows, returns, risks and threats. We will then assist you in making up your mind on where and how to best invest in the UAE and across the world.

We are based in Dubai, and have a unique blend of deep local knowledge and investment, legal, tax and business planning expertise. This enables us to be your trusted advisor and make sure you achieve your returns.


Compliance Solutions


To set-up a business or get residency in the UAE is only the beginning of your path. You will be required to comply with all the government requirements and regulations all way during operating a business or living in the UAE, e.g., Economic Substance Regulation, VAT, AML, and others.

Our team are experts in assisting you with any aspects of compliance, approvals and regulations. We will explain you all the laws applicable to your business in UAE and will advise you on how to stay in line with regulations today and tomorrow.


International Optimisation


To get the best of all the jurisdictions you operate and live in, it is imperative to understand and carefully plan your assets, businesses and whereabouts. Our specialists help individuals, families, and companies to do this for over a decade.

For example, your presence in the UAE provides an opportunity to optimize your assets and businesses across the globe. UAE features a stable and sustainable political and legislative environment, no corporate and income tax, freedom to repatriate profits, security of doing business, data confidentiality, protection of bank secrets and stable economy.

We specialise in all the local UAE, as well as international, aspects of the optimisation. For example, if your concern is to secure business holdings or to relocate assets, our team will be ready to help.

Our experts in UAE will make sure that your global asset portfolio is allocated in the most optimal manner to achieve your goals, grow your wealth, and secure your holdings.


VAT advisory, audit and controls


Internal controls, as well as taxation aspects can be a challenge while doing business abroad or in large holdings. Our team specializes in providing controls and audit functions to our clients in order to help them achieve operations and team’s efficiency and ensure target returns on investments.

If you consider to save costs of running your business, or need assistance with VAT issues, or implementing ERP or CRM systems in your company, our team can readily help. We also can manage a tender and control service providers on your behalf should outsourcing of accounting, HR or finance be the option you look for.

We also can assess efficiency of your management team and make sure that your business and finance planning is intact with your goals and legislation.


Business Valuations and Due Diligence

Do you need to value your or another business or make a DD?

The fastest way to gain market share in a new market is acquiring a company. We can help you assess the target companies and make their full scope legal, financial and tax due diligence. Our certified business valuers will assist you in identifying the right price to pay for the acquisition or to name to the potential buyer of your company.

If you wish to sell only assets or Intellectual Property, we also can help you to understand how to price it and what steps of the process are.

For potential acquisitions we also do the full-scope-process for you, starting with identification of targets, market and competitors research, structuring the deal and all way to the valuation, due diligence process and closing the deal.

We also take care of budgeting, forecasting, scenario analysis and risk management for your current and future business.